My Learning

I liked playing Factor Captor because you learn more about factors and about prime, and composite numbers. I enjoyed the part when I had to think of the factors for the number my partner chose for me. I just like looking for factors. But sometimes they try to give me a prime number, and most of the time if you don't go first the one is already covered,and that number is also covered because that's the number my partner chose.

When I make an array It helps me find factors of a number. Because an array is two factors just made into dots. So if you try to draw a array it is the same thing as drawing two factors by dots. So if you draw an array it is easy to find the factors. If you just draw any array. If you count the number of columns and the number of rows they are the factors of the number of dots altogether.

I really enjoyed learning prime numbers and factors, and other things related to multiplication. I really learned a lot about prime numbers. Before I didn't understand what prime numbers were. I learned that prime numbers are numbers that only has two factors one and it's self. A composite number is a number that has more than two factors. An array is like a drawing of two factors. All these are all related to multiplication. I also thought fact triangles were really cool. There's a number at the bottom. If it was multiplication you multiplicate the two bottom numbers and it equal's the number at the top and it works the other way round too.

September 16,09

Math :

I think math is really fun. You get to solve problems , You could use decimals and make lots of numbers smaller than zero. Doing math is just like having fun. I like problem solving. It is just like a little game. When you have to try to solve it then try to fit it to the solution. In the past few weeks we have been learning about square numbers. They are products of the same numbers multiplied together. We have also learned about prime and composite numbers. Composite numbers are numbers that have more than two factors. Prime numbers are numbers that only has two factors. one and its self. I had a little bit of a problem on big numbers with decimals . Like the hundredths place and the thousandths place and others. But now I am able to figure it out more than the past few weeks. I think for math you have to try hard until you get it . And to try your best.