In writing, I have learned about nouns. Proper nouns common nouns and noun signals. Nouns is a person a place or a thing. Proper nouns are something that tells you in more details, like instead of dog, you say the dogs name. Noun signals are something that is describing a word. Like, many people. Many is telling you what or how many people.

It had helped me understand more about nouns, so I could learn more in sixth grade. It has also helped me, so I know what are nouns and what is the different with proper nouns. So I could use it in my writing, so it will get better and better each time I learn new things.

A common noun is a place person or thing. A proper noun is the same, but it is describing it more. For example, a common noun you just say girl, or boy. But for a proper noun you tell , what the girl or boys name is. Because you don't call people boy or girl, you call them by there names.

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