Story of Learning

So far, I think I have accomplished few of my goals. I think I have to improve a little bit more on my writing goal. That is observing the world, and trying to get more interesting ideas, to get the readers attention. I think I have improved, but I need to improve much more, and by the end of this year, I hope my writing will improve more and more. For my reading I think I should, be able to make more infrencing. Writing a reading response journal, that is more interesting, and so the reader could get an idea of what the story is about. I think I have improved some bits, of that, but still I have to try more harder, to make the reader get the main idea, of the story. I have improved on my multiplication tables. A I use them a lot, I think I can do multiplication with more bigger numbers, and in my head, much more than the beginning of the year. I have completed most of my goals, nut I would like to improve more on my goals. I think my new goal, until the end of the year will be, tryng to work with bigger numbers, and to understand more about negative numbers, and finding out percents of numbers. For reading and writing, I think I can improve a little bit more on my goals I made at the beginning of the year. I will try hard to study more about the parts I need some help on, and try to accomplish them at the end of 5th grade. When I move to 6th grade, I think it will be better if I improve more on my writing, how I think of ideas, for my story.

My multiplication, trying to work with larger numbers, I think that have improved. The more writing we did, I learned a lot of punctuation marks, and all types of methods, for writing. Infrencing text was kind of hard for me. I have improved trying the beginning of the year, but I still want to be able to do infrencing. Making predictions, and going through hard problems in math, I have tried to accomplish those challenges, I had accomplished them, but I still need to work more on it, so I could get better and better with it, before sixth grade.

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