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Chinese Studies
In Chinese Studies, I learned a lot about the tones, for the pinyin, and I have learned a lot of new words, and how to put them into good sentences. At the beginning of the year, I wasn't really sure about what tone should go with each word. But now I am sure, and know, wich tone to put, for each character.I think I have learned a lot of words, and characters, more than the beginning of the year. We also did all sorts of fun games, so that helped me learn faster, for my mandarin.

At art I have learned a lot techniques, how to make the art work more interesting. I have learned how to make tints and shades, and how to blend colors, and try to use opposite colors, and similar colors. Putting those details into my artwork, helped me easily describe and show, the little details, onto my art work. The color combination, and tints and shades, had changed the art work, into a more interesting piece. I think I have improved, and learned a lot, on the colors, and techniques, for art, and I would like to learn more and more thngs, and try to use them, to make my artwork better.

At music, we have learned a lot of songs, and also how to read notes, and we had also played, a lot of songs on the Xylophone. I think I have got better at note reading, and my ensemble skills. Listening to the beat, and trying to follow it. We also did lesson, on the computers, on Music Ace. That had helped me a lot, on improving my listening skills, my note reading skills, and lots more things, to help me be a better at music. I would like tto be able to recognize notes, as soon as I see, them. That will be my goal for next year.

At P.E. I have learned a lot how to do team work, and to work with lots of people, and listen to each others ideas, and complete small adventurous missions, together, with communication, and listening skills. That head help me learn how to work with people, and how I could improve next time, when we work in groups. I think my goal, is to try to be better at more kinds of sports, not just one type, and try to show some sportsmanship. Working with a group, was not that easy, because sometimes people could have different ideas.


Mrs. Cadogan, had taught us a lot of things about bullying, and to be kind to other people. I have We have done lots of fun activities, about how to learn about these things. That had help me more understand, because we could actually try to act it out. By the end of the year, I would like to learn more about peoples feelings, and how they would feel if you do this and that. Some things, I have learned are some things I never knew, or I never even thought of. So I have learned a lot from Guidance.

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